Better Selling Through Better Service

In 1950, Larry Dayton and Warren Greeley put their heads together and formed Minnesota’s 1st exclusive resort and campground selling real estate firm with offices in Bemidji & Walker, MN. Currently, we staff 3 offices and travel the state to assist Hospitality based business owners list and sell their properties and also partner with a Canadian Broker in Ontario. Long-term continuous advertising, experienced, honest and reliable sales people and professional service second to none keeps Realty Sales in front so when sellers are ready to sell and buyers are ready to buy, they call Realty Sales.

Real estate is a complex business but the process of selling and buying shouldn’t be. At Realty Sales we get the job done quickly and we get it done right so you can move up, move away and on to bigger and better things. Performance is important. And so are results. But there is a human side to real estate that can’t be ignored. At Realty Sales, our agents abide by the highest standard of professional ethics. We know your time is precious and that you have enough going on without the added burden of selling your property. We understand this and do everything in our power to simplify and streamline the process. Of course, actions speak louder than words. So, when you are ready to sell, why not put us the test. We offer experience, marketing muscle and a personal approach to business that inspires confidence and trust.

We are not members of any Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Obviously this is to assure that only qualified and trusted people are able to view sensitive property data. We also choose not to so that we can channel our efforts and our money into aggressive marketing campaigns. By not being associated with the MLS we are not bound by “over reaching” rules, fee’s and regulations about where and how we can advertise. This allows us to strategically partner with other organizations and financial institutions that have a proven record of getting the job done. We believe that it should be the responsibility of the agency to sell your property and not merely placing it “out there” only to hope someone finds it. However, we are fully governed and abide by all MN Real Estate ethics, laws and mandated state statutes. Our agents are required to attend annual continuing education specifically geared towards commercial real estate, real estate investment, and marketing. However, we are willing to “work with” another real estate firm under a predetermined compensation agreement from time to time after verified buyer qualification.

Our Philosophy

At Realty Sales, we seek to develop relationships with all of our clients and customers so they may realize that they, their families and businesses will be taken care of and they can move forward intentionally. Working with people is never just a business transaction, but a relationship. At Realty Sales, we make every effort to justify the faith and confidence our clients have in us and we do all we can to earn it.

Real estate sales and real estate investments are areas of our lives that demand trust and integrity. We value our associations with our clients and customers and believe they are due the highest level of service and attention we can offer. We enjoy working with people who are realistic, patient and intentional about the selling and buying process.

For Sellers