Certified Business Valuation

Realty Sales can provide you a written, independent, complete and full Business Valuation and Sales Prospectus for your individual property. These valuations are the industry accepted method and are certified for Selling, Acquisitions, Partner Dissolution, Buy/Sell Agreements, Domestic Settlements and Loan Determination. (It may be under the jurisdiction of the courts or the individual Bank to determine if it will qualify however). The fee for our valuations are $500.00. Yet, if you decide to list with us and we sell the property, this $500.00 fee is reimbursed back to you at the closing table. There is no fee for price opinions, cash flow analysis or consultation. Both reports will give you the same number but the certified valuation is more comprehensive than the other and often times required by 3rd parties.

Fair Market Value

FMV is defined as the price, expressed in terms of cash, at which a property would change hands between a willing and able buyer and a willing and able seller when both have reasonable knowledge of the relevant facts. In resort and campground deals, most parties have a singular focus on price and negotiations ideally produce numbers that the buyer, seller and lender can be comfortable with. But getting to the right price in any deal involves understanding what business assets are truly worth and then structuring a deal around financing and tax realities.

Why you need to know your value

Shoot from the hip values might be the common practice but what good are they really? Of course the odds will dictate that once in a while an agent will hit the value or maybe get close enough. You will all agree that no two properties are alike so how can a value based on comparables be remotely accurate? Your property needs to be valued on its OWN MERITS. Not by what other business owners may or may not be doing. Besides providing confidence of value, a Realty Sales business valuation will also do the following:

  1. Help you know if or when it is time to sell
  2. Identifies your strengths and weaknesses
  3. Establishes your after sale tax situation
  4. It’s YOUR appraisal, (not the Bank’s)
  5. Less Negotiating with the Buyer and/or the Buyer’s Advisers
  6. Keeps Buyers Advisers from playing Appraiser
What we need

To adequately find your FMV and price your business we will need the following:

  1. Filed tax returns from the previous 3 years & a year-to-date P/L statement.
  2. List of Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment being liquidated with the business.
  3. Most current copies of your Property Tax Statements.
  4. Physical tour of the property.
  5. Most recent copies of a survey, septic compliance and well certificates.

For Sellers